Store employee data and documents, digitize your leave and claim process, survey your staff, communicate internally, track company goals and manage employee performance all in once place.

A platform to help you !

A home for the people powering your business.

Forget about unsafe spread sheets, cloud storage folders or scanning 100s of documents. Go digital when managing your people's data and basic business processes. Doo People empowers your in-house or outsourced HR team to better engage and manage the people in your company.

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Data Insight

Get insight into statistics such as gender diversification, resource allocation and core business capabilities within your company.

Mobile Friendly

Doo People is a mobile friendly application, use it on any device with an internet browser and internet connection.

Safe and Secure

Made secure with an encrypted connection and strict user access controls that ensures the right people access the right data.

Cloud Based

Always online and accessible! No need for any expensive hardware, server costs or hiring an expensive IT support team.





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Digitise core HR functions
and free up your team.

Safely keep record of your people's data and documents. Manage leave and claim requests, provide easy access to important company policies and get insight from your own data.


A platform that enables you to engage your employees online with surveys, easily create
engaging internal communication and interact with your people using a dedicated social platform.



Engage your employees on various topics of choice with an easy to use survey builder. You get rich answer options and can target the survey to specific deaprtments or everyone in the organisations.

Best of all, becuause its built on Doo People you dont have to direct your staff to another external platform and worrying about data privacy or sharing.



It's never been easier to manage internal comms and news with your employees. On Doo People you have your very own news room and get to publish communication and news like a news website.

With a rich text builder, pre-built templates and the ability to email out the message, you will love how simple it is to create messages in under 5 minutes.



Designed to enhance focus & success.

Define clear Goals, Objectives and Key Results for your people. Assign ownership, target dates and visually track all deliverables on a dedicated task board.

Unlike other goal tracking platforms, we ensure that everyone in the company contributes to a company goal in some form by enabling you to link Key Results to employee performance objectives.

Goal Setting

Define and manage company goals, assign ownership and track it's completion and status along the way.

Kanban Board

Create, assign and track tasks associated to the goal on a visual task board.

Linked OKRs

Set Objectives for each company goal with defined Key Results.

Coordinate Focus

Ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction by linking employee performance objectives to Key Results.


Tracking employee performance objectives and goals are made easy on Doo People.
Create a review cycle for the company, define a performance plan with objectives and continuosly meet to review performance against those objectives.

Two Way Review

Allow for employee and management reviews that help achieve an unbiased rating.

Conversation Centric

Chat, attach evidence, rate and review all within our online performance conversation.

Goal Focused

Align staff focus by linking performance objectives to important company goals and key results.

Three Dimensional

Define Performance, Development and Strategic objectives for your people.


Align to your company brand and to your company's colors and logo.

Company Blue

Company Red


Reduce your HR administrative burden

We believe that in this digital age every business should have a platform for their people.
Doo People ensures that the management of employee data, documents and leave and claim requests are simple, secure and central!

Doo away with

Leave Management

Digital leave rules and balance management, request process and email notifications with a built in department leave calendar overview and ability to set custom approvers for any employee.

Employee HR Profiles

Manage all employee data and documents securely and safely. Request an ESS profile update and give your people easy access to their information on hand..

Claim Reimbursements

A digital claim request process with the ability to upload attachments, receive email notifications along the way, define a review process, customize claim rates and configure each claim type individually.

Engaging Communication

Build engaging internal communication with our rich content creator or choose from prebuilt templates to save time and get sight of read receipts when announcements are viewed.

Survey your People

Create unlimited surveys and choose to set it to expire after a certain date or target it to a specific department. Get insight into the responses to your survey. A perfect tool on the platform to get micro feedback from your people.

Shared Documents

Enable easy access to policies, procedures and guidelines by making these important company wide documents centrally and easily available to your people.

Data Insight

Get insight into your company data with an analytics dashboard that provides a view on Gender and Ethnic Diversification, Staff Turn Over, Core Business Capabilities and more...

Part of the Family

Doo People is made to look and feel part of your organisation, we align to your CI and brand it with your colors and logo. Your people will feel right at home using Doo People. Check this out...

Integrated Applications

Doo People will integrate with your current business tools to compliment your processes and ensure a seamless experience. We can connect to your ATS, Payroll or Productivity tool.


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We believe that we can pioneer a new way in how businesses use technology to operate and engage the people building their business.

We are a people centric business that believes in the power of great service and technical excellence.

Our team based in South Africa has over 10 years experience designing and delivering digital products.

The needs of our customers serve as our true north and we build features by design. One of the most important aspects in our design process is User experience, thus we strive for perfection and brilliance in every button, label and control we build.


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